Italia 2014 #6: Regurgitate

Cows do that cos they have multiple stomachs. I don’t have those physically, but think I have multiple stomachs emotionally & mentally, perhaps, spiritually.

There have been so many, actually myriad of experiences which I’ve been through during the 15-days journey. If I had a video going for 15 days, it will still be only a static perspective. I would have probably already forgotten about 20% of the experiences, was unaware of some 15% of what was going on around me – quite astutely self-aware & situationally-aware I’ve been told. Leaving me with around 65%, of which I will be regurgitating over time & chewing the stored morsels of moments, some time down the road. Hopefully not too far down, cos memory fades.

It is a big trip, my first solo, just like the first multi-prong “attack” on my sense I had. Just not able to focus for now. But in due time, I will be able to isolate each sensation, to ruminate on the significance of the moment.



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