Periodic Tears


Absolutely agree with this. On a high for a while now, in comes the Doldrums. It’s just a natural thing in life really – ups & downs, work & rest, laughter & tears, joys & sorrows. Without these contrasting stuff, one would not be recognised very much.

Am strong, don’t need affirmation on that. Bounced back umpteenth times, even when things seemed to be a lost cause. Yet, there are times, such as today, when I just need space to let some tears roll, so that some suppressed illogical stuff just needs to be purged. So that I can find my balance, regain my footing, allow the emotional wastes to dissipate.

Am all for being honest with emotions. Yet, being fallen human being, there are flaws in which emotions / perspectives which in turn affects emotions, will be formed. There are desirable ones, on the other side of the coin, there are also the emotions which are stale, undesirable, and many a times, wrong.

I disagree with humanistic views that all emotions are good & true. Yes, emotions are meant to be acknowledged, but need to be managed, perhaps corrected in due time. Perspectives affects Emotions. Vice versa. Goes both ways. If there is right & wrong in perspectives, likewise emotions.

Sure, there are situations where we should be sad. Eg. Passing of a loved one. Yet, the wrong thing is to dwell & get stuck. We don’t want to suppress the sadness, therefore, we encourage ourselves to mourn. Not forever, but for a season. With each year passing, we should be able to live freer of the sadness & feelings of loss. It’s unhealthy to get stuck for sure.

Strong yes, but I realise my perspectives & the way I feel about life can be erroneous. I stand to be corrected humbly, I will walk as a student of life. Strength does not equate rightness  – just seperates us from those who have not had the opportunity of learning to move on from bad stuff. Being strong, also means we need rest, to allow ourselves to be seen as “weak” / “lost”, to rebalance, to release what is pent up inside.


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