Thirstday #47: Carpe Diem

Seize the day, the moment, the NOW: pain, buzz, fear, insights, insecurity, affections, anger, tenderness, cynicism…. The juxtaposition of emotions which life has to offer. It used to be “invest into today for tomorrow”, but I realised I missed out on a lot of today, when I kept thinking about tomorrow.

Agreed: dreams & hopes keep us alive & going. But there is so much to live, actually, in the moment! I realised lately that I really didn’t need to think in such complicated terms, as previously trained. In certain aspects of life & work, sure, we need to consider from all angles. I also come to recognise, when affections is right in front of me, respond, have a good time, no need to dwell so much on what’s next & the philosophical significance of what was happening in that moment. By the time I’m done with philosophising, game over really.

Good illumination really, to really soak up on the moment – everything that person / situation has to offer. To truly engage. The returns is so much more than being half-hearted & partially interested, yet be obliged to be there.

I’ve decided: life is too precious to feel obliged. I will be responsible for my choices, yet choices will be made carefully that I don’t tie myself down out of obligations, which I mostly regret after. Freer & more honest way of life – do what sits well in heart, and what I am inspired to do for the moment.

Yes, Sir Mark Twain, I will heed your ancient wisdom to live the moment, balanced with dreams. I will break some rules, kiss slowly, forgive quickly, love truly (when I’m ready), laugh uncontrollably & never regret what made me smile.


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