Thirstday #46: Inspiration to Ruminate

Interesting article of 10 yo boy who embarked on a Tent-365-Days Challenge. In the midst of it, he also kept a blog to share his experiences, which I reckon more so to perhaps keep his parents updated on his progress. Perhaps at his young age, he has already started to reflect & gain wisdom, maturing beyond his years.

Think his candid sharing of fears, uncertainties, as well as victories, has reminded me of something deep within: the desire to reflect, ruminate then regurgitate the learnings for whomsoever Abba brings across my path.

2013 has seen much changes in my perspectives, desires & approach to life, love & liberty. Not being cheesy really, but in some sense, I seemed to have taken an entirely opposite route to what has been comfortably safe.

Yeah, I reckon the new direction taken is kind of unsafe, cos there is a need to recount, reconsider, religate a lot of what I used to believe in. Kinda taking a step back, hmmm, actually, taking a 180-degree turn, towards discovering. Maybe it’s a desire to discover the self who had to be suppressed due to social / religious expectations. I wanted to really find what I want to stand for. I wanted to redefine the take towards ” friendship”. Want to also understand the real meaning of “liberty”, or maybe emancipation.

And so, 2014 will be seeing more emotions, probably fears / anger / uncertainties, and definitely, victories / discoveries / redefinitions. Perhaps, it’s just the way I have always been: bored with status quo, not wanting to conform nor comply. Perhaps, I am looking to find the pure form of listening & responding to the Almighty, without the noise of the religious expectations / subscriptions.


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