Thirstday #44: Managed Expectations

Thirstday #44: Managed Expectations

Changes in perspectives & take about life’s offers certainly requires a change in expectations. Or maybe, a change in how I manage my expectations. I’m taking a stand of selecting what life throws my way – whether or not it’s worth my effort to fight for / stand for / put in effort for. There are now people whom I’ll relate on a superficial basis, there are those whom I’ll relate with in-depth.

Realised am drawn to those who are brutally honest, yet sensitive enough to know when to put in the “dagger” & when to with-hold & wait for a better time. Cos we all know we don’t like to be preached to during the tougher / “exploring” seasons of our lives.

And so I’ll explore, discover, experience first-hand for myself what it’s like to live life, make whatever mistakes to learn about life’s wisdom. The other side of the coin, where street-wisdom is required. Where I’ll learn to gain some, by losing some. Not where I lose everything & gain nothing.


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