Thirstday #43: Rain Rides

Rain has always reminded me of how Abba is to me – all-encompassing lover, wrapping His arms around me despite me trying to wring myself free… Why so? Sometimes, this love is so overwhelming & intoxicating that it makes one stop breathing & hope beyond boundaries.

Today He heard my whisper: nice if I could ride in the rain tomorrow. Just cool to hear the pitter patter on my helmet, and feeling raindrops kiss my face, eyes & nose. Love how it feels carthatic:  all stuff imbalanced just gets purged out, detoxed when the rain wets my entire being.

Felt a release, a space where I could let tears flow. Multiple unspoken stuff. Not biggies, just cumulative stresses which needed to be released through liquid prayers, melding with the rain that comes down from Heaven.

He hears. He knows. He comforts.



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