Thirstday #39: Supernatural Empathy

Interesting thought I had this morning as I realise an inbuilt gift from the Almighty: am actually able to feel much of the pains, sorrows, joys, fears, triumphs, etc from the various stuff that I hear, read & see. Most of the stuff are not explicitly written / expressed. Something, perhaps, which was a result of a prayer whispered to the Almighty at a young age – to feel His heart for the hurting, the down-and-out, the silently-struggling.

Well.. Back to the thought. I was thinking about the calling which was mentioned during one of the sessions. Perhaps a calling to a deeper supernatural empathy & compassion, while maintaining a level head to walk through with the friend through to healing. The idea of “pure heart” came to mind – pure being untainted, unmarred by the complexities of life. Perhaps, I thought, the calling requires that I remain chaste & celibate till God brings me His protector of choice. Someone whom I can safely love & be loved by, whom I can truly speak heart-to-heart with, no holds barred, with total security of his consistent commitment in our promises to Abba & each other.

I have been careful to keep my heart in check, to not dangerously latch my heart. A lesson which I am learning as more open their hearts, as Abba leads my footsteps into lives of those who are silently struggling.



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