Fun Overloading

Well, let’s Just say, I probably am having more fun these 4 months rolling than all the years add together. Or Maybe I am exaggerating it.

Lol… whatever the case, someone asked me why I looked like I have a glow about me one day. I’d like to attribute to finally starting the process of letting go & living life absorbing what makes me smile, rather than putting myself through hellholes thinking it is required of me by the Almighty. 2ndly, I’d attribute it to the freedom & focus that is afforded by rolling.


These few weeks, especially, it does feel like a rebirth. Like somehow, the cloud has been lifted. I have become much lighter in heart, started to take things with much more of a stride, letting go of stuff or bummers more quickly.

I am recovering more quickly from life’s curveballs.

One thing I observed about myself is that when I have had enough fun & laughter & of course, that includes covering substantial distance of 120km at least, I found myself lighter, more ready to face the various stresses that befalls me over the week.

More able to compartmentalize, more able to take things into perspective, more able to laugh at myself for bummers. ^^

Work Hard = Play Hard

It’s a fine tension really. But I think perhaps for me, it’s also this focus on beating myself in the game – getting more technical in improving my pedaling, my saddle positions, the distances I am able to cover, the speed & of course the hill-climbs to conquer to eventually become circuits.

Very empowering, very free-ing, very rejuvenating.

Thank You, Abba, for watching over me, ensuring I had an awesome bunch of riders to ride & train with. Even seeing good nakamas forming, for adventures ahead. 


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