Thirstday #36: Cling On

Yeap… Started on the process & gone pretty deep into what has been left residual from the decades past. Am surprised actually, that it’s all coming to light now. Thought I had it all managed 2nd year into returning from the Down-Under stint. Evidently, there’s still stuff deep inside. Moments which has been lashed onto my heart, but never really had truth spoken over in the process. Realised as well, I just suppressed, “persuaded” myself into healing, without going through the proper process. Thought I did. Guess needing a longer one. Perhaps I rushed the healing, told not to take too long, cos might lose “momentum”.

Yet, I realise now, the heart needs trickle charging, not rapid charge & go. Rapid charge => rapid depletion as well I guess. A lesson on burnout? Perhaps.

Weirdly, yet not so weirdly, an acquaintance in ministry prophetically pronounced strength & love & grace, refreshment. The thread I am hanging onto will become a rope eventually. Just need to cling on, no matter what.

End of the rope, or thread. I’ll just stand still for now. Cos I can’t see clearly…

Clinging on…


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