Thirstday #35: Dreaming about Love vs Actually in Love

Well.. as I watched this final episode of this series I have been following, Cyrano Dating Agency, I kind of realise I love the various ideas put out by the Korean scriptwriters. Their various takes on love, on sacrifice for the one you love, for being true to your heart when you love someone. I love the idea of being in love. Perhaps, that’s why I have not really known what it means to really be in love. Expecting too much? Tried too hard to love 110%?

Am a romantic, idealist. Yeap, some personality tests says I idolise my lover, literally able to look over a whole lot of yeeky stuff in the one I love. Ideal? Yeah. Perhaps for the recipient, not for the giver. lol…

I have also been putting off the final episode of the drama series I was watching. Perhaps, hoping that I can drag it out a little & enjoy it over a longer period. Perhaps, this is the tough aspect about me – tendency to hang on for a long time. Neh… no longer hanging on to the past.. think it’s hanging on to my patterns, to my ways of believing in love & life, to having to move to a new thing, before the closing of the old.

A paradox I think, rather than a contradiction. Think I can move on to a new, while I unravel, renegotiate & redesign the old. Why can’t the old co-exist with the new? The best bits of both should, I reckon.


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