Thirstday #30b: Biking to Work – Checked!

Ha! Did it! Made it to work with plenty of time to spare. Must say the lure of the bed was strong, but the excitement of the adventure had me jumping out of bed within 10 minutes of waking up. I’m a serial bed-lazer – sometimes, I can laze for another 30 minutes before actually getting out of bed.

Departure Time: 6.15am
Arrival Time: 8.30am

Pix 1: 6.30am, Jurong Central Park

Think these colours are inspiration enough to get up earlier at least once a week. 😀

Pix 2: 6.40am, Jurong PCN

Pix 3: 8.20am, Dragonfly Inspiration @ Alexandra PCN

Nice! Watching my energy once I settled down to work. Awesome concentration & efficiency in the morning! Lasting through to 2.30pm so far. Hoping to do this once a week to see if it’s sustainable for more frequent commute. 😀


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