Thirstday #30: Breaking Barriers

(Bicycle Pasta, Italy)

As I started biking more seriously this past month, it’s been an eye-opener for me. Not just the sights & routes that I finally come across as I explored the areas, but there were some mental barriers actually broken.

Which made me realise: most of our barriers are mental, built in the mind due to someone’s words, some bad experiences, some failures, which eventually forms the self-fulfilling prophecy called “Self-defeating Self-talk”.

Last night, I finally made my office-home leg, all 22.5km of it. Not the fastest time yet, but I completed the journey. When my mum & brother realised I did that all on paths, they were bewildered & thought it un-doable. Even friends & colleagues who realised the distance between office & home gasped when they saw my bike in the office. To me, I didn’t think much of it, except of how to travel safely on paths (still freaky about cycling on roads), especially when there were no marked cycling paths.

As I neared home, I thought of how long I could keep doing this on a weekly-building-up-to-daily basis – commuting to & fro work. Unsure. Guess till my knees give way I guess. However, I know one thing for sure, I would be able to say, “I did that. So no regrets. No if-only.”

That’s my thirst for life this week: just do it, experience it, no regrets, no if-only-I-hads.


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