Thirstday #28: Wandering to Destinations


The bike rides on my new Dahon Vybe is pretty amazing thus far. Really makes a difference for long-distance riding – to have proper gears & a good rack. Am thankful for the inspiration to get a foldable bike – makes commuting more fun too. Possibilities abound – to explore, wander & discover new nooks & crevices which would have otherwise been missed on quick bus / train rides.

Freedom to explore. That’s something that resonates with me massively. At my usual work / family commitments, I am required to be structured. Biking affords a space for me to go anywhere at my whim, based on spontaneous decisions. Sure, some planning is required, especially for new routes, or unfamiliar territories. But even the planning & visualising is so exciting!

Am dreaming of a European expedition – where I’ll combine 2 of my fave activities – cycle-geocaching. Gives me reasons to wander, to see life from another’s point of view, to get in touch with my soul & my Abba, through this me-space that’s carved out from the warp speed rhythms of life.

Ride on, warrior princess. Let Him lead you to engage with more of the World, to encounter with more of its inhabitants.


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