5-minute Friday: Comfort of Movement

Finally tried out a foldable bicycle which is fast becoming a rave in my city, as more are finding the freedom of moving around quite easily with an option of hopping onto the trains / buses during off-peaks & weekends. Been something which people here are trying to do – become multi-modal commuters if possible, saves on gas & great exercise too.

As I whizzed around with my new alloy aluminium horse, with the wind rushing against my face & through my hair, it was liberating. In many sense, comforting too. As it was my own space, away from the unnecessarily tough expectations from various facades of life, demands which sometimes leave me breathless. A favourite saying amongst cyclists about life is poignant, as I realise that just the act of keeping active & moving, has kept me sane & restored & rejuvenated me time & again. After a ride, it was comforting to know that the situation is really not that bad, as Abba has already told me earlier.

It was also a time, where I hear what I have missed hearing from His heart, when the pace of life was deafening. A quietening of the trepidations, slowing down of my rhythms, as I whizzed at 15-20km/h, along the park networks. It was really comforting to keep moving, knowing that unknowingly, He was doing His repair works on my heart, mind & soul.

So I will keep moving, in order to continue to keep the balance.




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