Thirstday #27: Back-tracking


Was on a geocache-cyling journey & my mission was to look for the blue cat in the picture. Well, I was on track on my GPS, but needed hydration, so went into a building to drink off a water cooler. Checked the map, looked like it was just round the corner. But well, think the combi of afternoon sun & recovering from hydration, plus tendency to be a direction-blur on my own, I ended up walking through the buildings, navigating around blocked paths due to construction, carrying my bike (thankfully it was only 12kg) up & down staircases, with a bit of sore knee, and spent a good 60 minutes trying to navigate the target building on my gps, which was meant to be round the corner.

Then I finally managed to navigate my way back through the crevices. As I walked towards the original main road which I was meant to take, I was relieved. Walking further, I looked at the signs around to ensure I was going the correct direction. Signs checked. Map checked. Before I knew it, I have arrived! So it was just round the corner!

It just occurred to me that if I had only back-tracked after my drink, I would’ve saved 60 minutes.

So true, of life too. Takes clarity, and definitely, humility, to admit a fault, to backtrack to the starting point, to try again.

Sometimes life does not allow 2nd chances – we’ll just need to accept & move on. Thankfully, many things in life are reversible, just requires humility.


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