5-Minute Friday: Mirrors


Cute photo I came across while Googling around. Friendship is something which is close to my heart. Am appreciative of friends in my life, and try My best to be there for them when I know they’re going thru a tough time.

Think being a melancholic, my closest pals are those who are my mirrors – effectively reflecting my thoughts, feelings & processing. Am grateful for those who’ve stood by me, especially patiently listening to my rantings which went like a radio recorder.

Some of my friends are mirrors for my strengths & weaknesses – helping me see myself honestly & sombrely. Sometimes, they remind me of many strengths which I have forgotten in the midst of pain. God-sent eagles who remind me of God-given dreams of my youth. Of course, I am thankful for their being brutally honest about blind-spots which they can see much clearer than I can.

Thank You, Lord for the mirrors in my life. They are the reflections of Your grace, love & strong arms.



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