Thirstday #24: 알았어

It’s a whisper, while I was watching Korean drama. Actually, it’s my multi-drama-ing over these 2 weeks. To be exact, this is switching between, amongst 4 Korean dramas at a go. Lol…

It was the Almighty reaching deep into my heart. The Korean phrase 알았어 means “I know, I get it, I understand”. It was followed by a flurry, in my heart, of what it means to have someone “know” me.

I am known that my every sigh is heard, noted & understood. Whispers to questions behind my sigh will be audible to my heart, when the right moment comes, when my heart is ready to listen.

I am known that I don’t have to verbalise anything, I don’t need to explain / defend. That skip in my heart, a flicker in my eye, an unspoken longing, I am fully, thoroughly & always understood.

And totally,
unconditionally accepted,
no questions asked.

Even when I don’t understand my deepest churnings, I am understood. Even when I wonder & wander, I am watched over & led.

알았어, whispers my Abba, my Protector, my Love.



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