Thirstday #23: 40 Lessons Learnt Prepping for the 4th Decade

Been seeing these posts about life lessons learnt by 90-something year olds. I thought, I must have learnt some good lessons along the way too, having been through the journey so far. Perhaps it’ll make a good reminder for additions, tweaking, or even deletions (proven wrong / irrelevant) in future. Here we go:

1. Learn to let go – there’s always something better in-stored, round the corner. It’s not the end of the world, really.
2. Laugh at ourselves @ some point – can be quite hilarious thinking why we would even do that.
3. It’s never final, unless you give up.
4. Engage with another perspective – helps us be more rounded, intellectually.
5. Be generous with our hearts – we’ll really get back a lot more, along the way, without needing to seek for it.
6. Be here-here – engage fully, the beautiful moment passes, while our faces are buried in our Candy Crush. 😛
7. Learn to say “I could be wrong.” – pays infinitely, to be humble.
8. Refrain from concluding on life, cos of 1 experience – learning in more aspects to not generalise & conclude. But yeah, give life a chance to show us something better.
9. Learn to accept & live with the unanswerable “Why’s” in life.
10. Learn well, from hurts / disappointments / failures.
11. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger & multiplicably wiser, provided we apply no. 10.
12. Face up to our pains & weaknesses – sweeping under the carpet will only create a mound we’ll trip over, someday.
13. Scrape the wound – it’s uber crazy, but the wounds heal better.
14. Face up to our fears – it’s really not as bad as we think, I promise.
15. Do something new regularly – gives us a fresh edge really!
16. Try challenges at least once, instead of concluding it’s gonna fail / not work.
18. Self-care is not selfishness – it’s loving others as ourselves.
19. Commitment to values are what we fall back on, after all the “fire”‘s gone.
20. Be true to our hearts, it’s for the long haul.
21. Pain is often a great indicator of a deeper wound.
22. Nurture our hearts of gratitude – we’ll see the world in new light.
23. Love like we’ve never been hurt before – it’s well worth it.
24. Hold stuff loosely, hold people dearly.
25. Love, care & respect while they’re still here with us.
26. Some things are really better left unsaid.
27. Refrain from taking things too personally.
28. Victim attitude will get us nowhere.
29. Respect is often reciprocated.
30. Empathise 1st as much as possible – people are probably going through some tough stuff themselves.
31. Hurting people hurt people.
32. Choose the eagles to fly with.
33. Mentor someone – it concretises what we’ve learnt.
34. Work smart, play hard, laugh often.
35. Rest multiplies creativity.
36. Too much rest causes lethargy.
37. Sow love, reap love.
38. Keep wandering & discovering – there’s so much of the World to see.
39. When something / someone becomes our whole world, we’ll be sorely disappointed.
40. God is altogether good & faithful & trustworthy, no matter what happens.

There… Lol.. Not exhaustive, but the gist of it.



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