5-minute Friday: I’m Here

Before it gets too late to post this footprint on the cyberspace, been bugged for nearly a week, by the Lover of my soul to post this. A snippet of His whispers to me, throughout my journey thus far. I know you, who’s now reading this, are the reason why I’ve been “pestered” to post this. 😀

The day when you were born, with your mum alone in the delivery room,
I was there.
The time when you were growing & wondered if Daddy was really going to throw you off the building, and then end his own life,
I stepped into the room.
That day when you wonder & shouted into your pillow,
Crying out to your “Big Brother” who was here, then suddenly gone without saying “Goodbye”,
I was listening.
The day when you felt desperate & wanted to just dissipate & disappear,
I held you.
The moments when you wonder if you are worth anything, if there’s anything wrong with you, that another has walked away.
The nights when you agonise if you will ever be loved,
I cherished you.
The day when the he made a choice, walked away suddenly, leaving many unanswered questions,
I stayed & walked the mile with you, while you tried to be brave.

When dreams were shattered, when darkness seems to be endless,
When it seems to be an endless tunnel,
I’m here.
When you don’t think you deserve love, wishing life has a Reset Button,
If only time could be rewound,
I’m here.

I have said those years are not wasted.
I’m here, in those years.
I have sat beside you when you shed those tears,
I’m here, bottling up those tears, to be turned into tears of joy after mourning.
I’m here, waiting for you to step into the joy, the peace, the grace, the freedom, the love,
That I’m here, prepared since the beginning of time.
There’s nothing more you need to do, or give, or sacrifice.
I’m here.

I will repeat a million times, to convince you:
I love you,
I cherish you,
I am for you.
I’m staying for the long haul.
I’m here.




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