5-Minute Friday: After the Storm

Quite interesting to come across this quote by Country Singer, Dolly Parton:

If you want to see the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain.

Not only for natural occurrences of the weather, true about life’s curveballs as well.

I celebrate today. 16 months after my heart shutting down & going through a painful defragmentation, I noticed things are now rearranged nicely. That’s what defragmentation does to my computer, I think. Files which are in random order on the computer memory are being neatly arranged, for more efficient memory access.

A storm, does put things in chaos. Degree of chaos relative to the strength & intensity of the storm. I noticed too, that storms sometimes does good – in resetting life, perhaps to distill what is most basic & most crucial to us as individuals. Cos when the storm arrives, there isn’t really a need to be thwarted with what brand of cereals to select. Cereals are probably non relevant to fleeing from the storm.

In the early onset of the storm, I noticed it was a mess. Totally dusty, unable to see at all, except the swirling pain & destruction in front of me.

Then as the storm went on, I noticed the inbuilt survival instincts fight back, call out to me to flee, to hide, to seek shelter. In the shelter was where I found time to grief, to relish the pain, to mourn, to hurl anger at the storm, sometimes even misunderstood rantings at the Creator of the storm.

Yet, in the shelter was also where, after all the anguished rantings are done, I rekindled my depth of respect & love & fierce loyalty to my loved ones, to friends who stood by / sat beside / travelled with / fed me. The shelter is also where the initial calling & depth of love for Abba is distillated.

After the storm, is where I see not just one rainbow, but a few each week, whenever I turned my head & noticed, the surprises Abba has been whispering to me about.

After I stand in the Shelter in the storm.




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