5-minute Friday: Broken for Freedom

This year’s Easter held a different perspective for me personally. Spent a good number of years recognising His broken body for my sins, for mistakes, for regrets, for shame untold. It is all good really – brought me to recognise His love for me, especially His extravagant grace, which some fellow journeymen would agree – nothing short of scandalous. Unmerited for sure. Nonetheless freely given for every situation where I needed insanely above-human acceptance of myself / my situation.

I was sitting there in service today, on Resurrection Sunday, seeing clearly for the first time in many years: the price paid for my life is out-of-proportion, over-valued, exorbitantly over-priced. Kind of like paying a million dollars for a $1000 nearly konked-out car. And in accounting sense, the $999, 900 leftover is then for refurbishing the konked-out car, totally sprucing it up brand new, w V8 turbo engine, maybe adding another car to the convoy.

That’s what He broke His body, and His heart for – that I may have abundant, exorbitant, mind-blowing, outrageous, unthinkable of the life He talks about. Overflowing of everything good He intends for me. To stand under the everflowing waterfall of grace & love & freedom & joy.

That’s what He was broken for: That I may live “scandalously” free!



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