Thirstday #23: Omakase

Watching an interesting show about an Italian restaurant in the heart of Japan, called Roccabianca. Other than being reminded of team & leadership principles, am also reminded of “omakase”, お任せ, or simply means “I’ll leave it to you” or “I entrust”.

This sort of dining has the diner entering into a “trust” relationship with the chef, well… At least for the meal he’s about to have. It’ll either in some sense, in an imperfect world, be a total disaster, a near miss, a so-so, or in some cases, a perfect score. The factors for succeeding are vast, much like a needle in a haystack. Could think of many reasons why it would succeed or fail: ingredients are put together with condiments & spices, or none at all, then cooked in the most taste-enhancing method, all to the liking of the diner.

Thought about my own trust relationship with the Almighty. A journey so far I must say – where I am still learning what it means to entrust someone with more than my next meal. It’s entrusting Him with my heart especially, currently, a little curious, yet wondering, plus a tinge of apprehension, of what will come my way. Another mountain to climb? Another valley to walk through?

I am currently happy where I am, really. Have things under control, making way towards fulfilling my family responsibilities, as best I can. I am open to looking at the next heart-pounding adventure He’ll bring me through. But can I have a “peek” at what You are about to bring me through? Yet I wonder will I still walk through it when I take that peek?

Yet the question remains: abundant life has to be this tough going? Rhetorical question really. Cos I already know the answer.

Omakase, Abba, cos You know me beyond that meal.



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