5-minute Friday: Rest


Recently came across this perspective of life that we’re in rhythms of sprints & recovery. I reckon that probably sits very well with me: pockets of intense, committed energy, followed by deep recovery as well. I also recognise that when I do this regularly enough, I can engage better with teams or people around me.

Came a long way: not feeling guilty about resting & being unapologetic for taking “me-time”. Sharpens my senses, yet allows my heart to recover from sometimes unintentional slashes. I am relational to a certain extent, yet being an introvert & highly retrospective, I need to have time to recuperate, make sense of & tag my experiences & regroup my heart. Without the me-time, I seem to be highly irritable, ultra-sensitive & tending to take a more negative perspective towards things.

So here I am, unapologetic, having my rest, over coffee & some local snacks, with the white noise of the cafe crowd around me, as I lay my heart & mind to rest, laying in the secure arms of Abba, listening to His heartbeat.

That my heart may eventually sync to His restful beat.



2 thoughts on “5-minute Friday: Rest

  1. Good morning, yes, that me-time. We need a easier name that isn’t guilt inducing. I like how your writing was open and not specific, yet completely relatable. For example, I really know nothing about you, yet saw myself in your need for time alone at the coffee shop. So in my head, your a mom with young children (like me). But you could be a man, with no kids, but a very stressful job, etc…

    Wishing you a restful week!

    Ps. Enjoy your blog format, I’m going to poke around a bit now and learn about you 😉

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