5-minute Friday: Ordinary


I look forward to witnessing the breathtaking works of the Ultimate Artist @ work, every ordinary day. This is a rhythm which has become a habit when I started travelling feverously for work to various cities in the region. It affords me a space as I watched the sun disappearing from the horizon, to heave a sigh, and give thanks to the Almighty, for getting me through today.

The sigh may be of relief, of satisfaction, sometimes coupled with a triumphant “ummph”, a chuckle or a massive grin. Some are sighs of disappointment, of sadness, on occasions, of grief.

The day becomes ordinary, at that sigh, because I know I have done my best today, invested whatever I can into lives around me, onto the plates given to me. Whatever happened that day forms the many days which speaks of the stories which forms the current version of yours truly.

At that sigh, I also release the day to the Almighty & let go of a little that which I may find hard to let go as yet. Am thankful of the lesson, of trust when it’s a bewildering & un-understandable circumstance, a mystery which can never be resolved. I emerge from that sigh quite a bit lighter, because I know Who holds my tomorrow & Who has prepared enough grace for me to get through the days to come.



One thought on “5-minute Friday: Ordinary

  1. A lovely post! I especially like your reference to God as the “Ultimate Artist”…which indeed He is! Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to visit your page. Have a blessed day and weekend ahead!

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