Thirstday #20: Poised


Ok… Been on my heart for a few nights now. Kinda becoming a nightly reminder to post this swirling insight which the Divine Spirit has dropped onto my heart – all while playing this new game.

Yeap. After months of nudging from friends, I succumbed when a friend sent me a request for help. I wanted to help give another “life” to her, but in order to do that, I need to first install the game. So I thought, well, just install, give life, then uninstall. Voila!

Well, after I did my Good Samaritan deed… Hmm.. Wondering if feeding a game addiction warrants it a Good Samaritan task.. Lol… So after I sent “life” to my friend, I decided to find out for myself what the rave was all about. Most of my friends who started on it seems to be stuck in its ever-leveling challenge. Some of them are whining about how they’re stuck at a certain level, while others seems to zoom past levels like peanuts.

Tried my hand on the 1st level, moved easily to the 5th, then to the 10th within the 1st 30 minutes or so. Then before I knew it, I was on my 30th level, hitting Monday after the weekend I first started on Candy Crush. And now the rights to boast belongs the fastest levellers amongst my colleagues.

Amidst the crushing of candies & special vertical & horizontal power candies, as well as the jackpot rainbow coloured candy, which is my all time favourite, I recognised that it takes a little strategy & thinking & imagininga few steps ahead to decide on moves. It also requires some seemingly “lame” & inconsequential moves to “place” the right candy in the right niche to ensure a good crush.

Been through times where I have been placed in a spot, seemingly lame & inconsequential. Seems like a wrong move, a wrong choice, a need to “reset” that board in order to get a new chance to get ahead. There are times where after weighing situations with the Divine Spirit, it is wiser to let go & move on, as the people involved / situation has become a stale-mate because of some cascading choices made, perhaps by others.

Yet there are times when it’s just me being restless. Impatient. Asking too many “why’s”. Whining about how disadvantageous my position is compared to others moving ahead. Brains churning out analysis warp speed. Hands & feet itching to just pack up & ship out.

These are also times when the Almighty reminds me of His divine hands placing me, at the moment , where I should slot in. In order for me to stand poised for His divine favour & blessing, readily poured out in the right place, at the right time.

2540 kairós – time as opportunity. 2540 /kairós (“opportune time”) is derived from kara (“head”) referring to things “coming to a head” to take full-advantage of. 2540 (kairós) is “the suitable time, the right moment (e.g. Soph., El. 1292), a favorable moment” (DNTT, 3, 833).


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