5-minute Friday: Be-Loved


Interesting that as I was doing my usual cleaning up of the little aquarium on my work desk. Was the usual routine of transferring the little tiger guppies into a holding glass while I changed the water for clean swimming pool for the fishies. One of the little fishes decided to take a “leap” for “freedom” & landed itself onto my desk-top.

Well, if there was no need for the fishies to stay in water to survive, it was somewhat freedom from the confines of the small jar where they lived on my desk. However, jumping out of water onto a dry desk would not be a good version of freedom for the fishy.

Just occurred to me that at times, when Abba brought me into a new environment – not necessarily physical environment, but sometimes new perspectives, new faith-lenses – I am like the little fishy trying to scramble for my version of freedom. Thought I’ve found it for the first few minutes when I ran away, but soon find myself struggling for breath.

The story with the escaped guppy ended happily ever after – it hopped, thankfully, onto my lap & I was able to ease it into the net & moved it into the holding glass. The fish is “loved”, or at least I felt responsible for its survival & well-being.

Yet, when I thought about it, I am actually loved by the Almighty. I just need to learn to rest & just Be-loved & be-cherished. In the present & forevermore.



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