Thirstday #18: God Gave Me You

Yeah… am patiently waiting, truly enjoying every moment of anticipating & clarifying what Abba has in mind for me, in the Godly man He is preparing to cross my path some time. 🙂

Pretty amazing how I have come this far – from the heartache to now trusting in His goodness again, trusting He will bring someone into my life who’ll cherish & lead me, to even not having envy when I see couples loving each other. In fact celebrating with them! Used to avoid love songs like plague cos afraid of gushing memories – recently, I actually found myself enjoying them! Thanks, Abba!

Anticipating for the day I can walk down the isle with this song. Where I can celebrate Your grace upon both our lives. 🙂 Meantime, I’ll be-loved by the Almighty, who has me in His line-of-sight, always holding onto me, never letting me go.




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