5-Minute Friday: Bare

As I bare myself on various entries, I actually discover a little of myself everytime. Putting experiences / processing / broiling thoughts into words allows me the freedom to just express the gut & innermost parts.

It is interesting to recognise that I am laid bare before the Almighty actually. He knows everything about me there is to know, even that of which I am not aware of yet. As I bare my heart to Him, He reciprocates by laying bare His passionate & intricate love for yours truly.

I thought about something someone said about pursuing God. Am great with that. Yet, I find increasingly the other side of the story: that He passionately chases after us, pursues us, bares Himself vulnerably to us. So that we may recognise how His love “pursues hard after us” (translation of Hebrew word for “follows” in Psalm 23:6), in the present tense, all the days of our lives.




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