Sunday Post / Thirstday #16: Hope

Chinese around the World celebrate the Lunar New Year, or affectionately referred to as the Spring Festival in China. A time where malls, shops & even streets are elaborately decorated with red & gold decorations. A hope of prosperity & wealth, signified by the colour gold. I’d like to think of red being the colour of life, vitality & strength.

Am looking forward to the new year, which is anticipated to bring new life, new perspectives, new zest. Spring offers a newness, a throwing away of the old. Complete Make-over.

As African Violets are planted in anticipation of flowering, I thirst for an unceasing hope for life’s best, never allowing life to wear down my zest for the Almighty’s abundant life!


Bright red lanterns decorating hotel entrance


Flower column in courtyard

Yummy Honey Beehive Crunch


Budding African Violet

Setting Sun, Closing of a day, in Anticipation of a Better Day.




Your turn!

Share what you are hoping for.

Here’s my duty this Thirst-day onwards:
1. I’ll post during the week (likely Thursday, which is what it’s named after) about a prompt / thought.
2. I invite you, if you are inspired, to share something similar / entirely different on your blog.
3. Link back using the following linked icon at the end of your post:

4. Post the link to your Thirst-day entry on the comments on my post.
5. Read the one/two/three posts before you & encourage them.
6. Have fun! No restrictions of no. of posts / words / media-type.

Thirst for life, always.



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