Thirst-day #12: Planned Pauses

Being someone who has a tendency to go off-tangent a little with too much activities or appointments, I needed to literally plan time to actually pause & reflect.

On the other side of the coin, I am pretty introspective, deeply searching my heart & analysing situations / conversations / experiences. I have a need for space & time for me to get in touch with my inside world. Therefore, the need to plan my pauses, that I may be able to let my inner person be real to me. Afterall, whether we like it or not, there are certain expectations & “brave-fronts” which we still need to put on, in order to keep our place in our society / community.

During these pauses, these “brave-fronts”, these “strong-woman-armour” comes off. In front of the Almighty, sometimes, in front of my travel partners. Which is why my pause-partners are carefully selected – accepting, non-judging, no vested interests. I am me, totally.

My pause partners & me have an understanding that there are no expectations during this breather from the world – no expectations of good behaviour, no expectations of meeting one other’s needs, nothing shared will leak / be judged. Just total respect for one another’s space & perspectives & need to verbalise to clarify our stirrings.

I have planned my 1st pause. More to come. I just go, with no agenda except to let the Almighty speak, and me to listen & respond to Him. To eat, be pampered with massages & pedicures, to sleep as much as I need to. To lie on the beach & watch the clouds float by. Without being concerned about the minutes passing by.

Pause. Release. Refill.



Your turn!

Here’s my duty this Thirst-day onwards:
1. I’ll post during the week (likely Thursday, which is what it’s named after) about a prompt / thought.
2. I invite you, if you are inspired, to share something similar / entirely different on your blog.
3. Link back using the following linked icon at the end of your post:

4. Post the link to your Thirst-day entry on the comments on my post.
5. Read the one/two/three posts before you & encourage them.
6. Have fun! No restrictions of no. of posts / words / media-type.

Thirst for life, always.


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