5-minute Friday: Opportunity


A water plant which I came across while grabbing some guppies for my mini vivarium on my work desk. Bought a bunch of the plants & started setting them up in the bluish-purple glasses – filled with coloured marbles, water, then placed 1-2 of the mini-plants. Over a week, all grew above the water surface it was submerged in.

The past year saw me having to be honest & face up with some “ghosts” that has been there, but conveniently ignored. Found myself cleaning up the bathrooms while counting down to 2013. No kidding! By 12am, I was bushed, eating dinner, counting down, while listening to K-Love, with a song resonating the cry of my heart for God – to simply live & love God & whom He places in my path.

As the water plants grew when submerged in water, I am soaking in the right atmosphere of God’s grace & love & unmerited favour. More so, limitless opportunities to provide the right atmosphere for others around me, to experience a touch of Heaven.

Soak. Listen. Touch.


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