#FWF: Resolved


As I walked towards the rotating beam of light that seems so near, every step was as if I was dragging a thousand pounds behind me. Perhaps the spirits I have spoken to in the forest decided to latch onto me, hoping to move from where they were wandering, to hopefully a new place.

Some spirits have been floating in circles within a clearing in the forest. A family of them actually. Seemingly, they were camping in the clearing beneath the beautiful stars, when some rough bloke decided to take their lives in their sleep. Slit their throats – pretty painless death as the strokes were swift. The spirits all agreed that they didn’t even realise they had left their bodies, till some police team came & take their stiffened bodies away, ignoring the spirits’ questions. They have been stuck in that clearing since, as they were afraid of what waited for them beyond the safety of the clearing.

Then I met this one male spirit, who had melded himself with the tree he was “residing” in. He told me while I was resting under the tree, amidst sudden darting away, like a terrified bunny scurrying away from danger, that he was running away from the big bad man who was hunting him. Well, he was scared alright, truly petrified. The tree seemingly, was his only solace, where he could disappear & remain under cover.

“Think it’s time to come to terms of your current state really. You are dead, nothing you can do about it. Why don’t you just accept & move forward, to enjoy your “ghostly” state?” Can’t believe I was actually saying this, being unable to let go of what I have left behind in the town I had left – especially the love. The man whom my family said was fated for me. It was like the stars aligned to bring us together. Seems according to the fortune teller, combining our stars together will mean great fortune, for both ourselves, and people around us…

“Be brave, don’t be afraid, the man’s probably dead now, after 50 years since you last saw him right?” I wondered, if this male spirit was also murdered by the tree he was residing in.

Interestingly, the next kilometre trek up the hills seems to be smoother than before. The thousand-pound weight seems to be shedding. Or did I get stronger suddenly?

Yeap, It’s the resolve to step out of the “Past Zone”, to step into the “Now Zone”.

Enjoy & make NOW count, letting go of the past, leaving the fears of the future to the Almighty who makes the stars align.

© CuoreQ




One thought on “#FWF: Resolved

  1. This is why I love doing FWF! Because you guys always give me something beautiful to read. I love the way you ease me through your words/story and give me these dreamy visions as I read. Thank you!!!! xoxo

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