Thirst-day #8: Mono-tasking


Playing this mini-game on this app called Happy Street. Basically 2D town building. A single continual street. The game, called Dungeon, is when I would need to follow the patterns fed by the Dungeon.

Only 4 colours, starting with the 1st colour, then a 2nd is added. Incrementally, the pattern is repeated, each time adding one of the colour buttons. Easy, no?

So I thought. I started off trying the patterns, responding to popping balloons floating by, punching at cars & bikes driving by, touching the bird flying across so that it poops onto the villagers. By the time I got to coloured pattern 3, I was finding it hard to remember once my focus was off to another UFO flying past.

So I experimented. Ignored the rest of stuff, and totally focus on the coloured patterns. Pat on my shoulder, I was actually able to go up to the 11th pattern before the complexity gets me. Ok… Ok.. I need to train my memory more.

In any case, it made me smile. A good reminder to focus. To just do 1 thing at a time. Maybe it’s the aging-wine syndrome, part of growing older beautifully, I need to actually concentrate on 1 thing at a time, so that I could actually complete it. And actually complete tasks well, when I fully concentrate.

Yeah. The repeating story of my life currently: completion. Starting something, complete it. Bring it to a close. Keep at it till conclusion. That’s something that requires mono-tasking.


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