Thirst-day #7: Basic Life

Interesting Japanese drama which I came across lately. A pretty current series released only in October-2012. About a guy who is on steady corporate career & is suddenly reduced to nothing in 1 day. Homeless, penniless, bewildered @ the charge placed on him by the company. He accepted his fate in some sense, which is important for coping with sudden curve-balls in life. Watching 2nd episode in a row. Lol…

But I guess what caught me in the drama was the concept of basics of life. He met a couple of kids who showed him the “ropes” of surviving as a homeless person. Basic stuff like hygiene, food & shelter. At this point, shelter would cost him 500¥ (USD6.06) per day. Thinking it would be easy getting such a small amount, he set out to do so, finding that it was massively challenging. He was even told that a beer costing 300¥ would be a luxury.

Wow… That’s a huge wake-up call for me to a certain extent. Not that I have been living precariously, but it made me more conscious of how something I think is necessity is actually a luxury. Depends on where you live, there is a “basic life package” being defined as necessity.

In some sense, I would like to be generous with my time, money, etc. However, life in this city does require a certain baseline of living – insurance, utility bills, phone bills, internet bills, commuting costs, etc. There are of course times that I wished I lived in a simpler city. Lol… However, I am grateful for the exposure to knowledge & standards I am getting in this city & life.

Just need to perhaps relook @ what is worth investing my time, money & resources in. Might require some stricter boundaries, to be a better steward of what the Almighty has given me.

Basic life. Only necessities. Some affordable luxuries in measured frequencies.



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