5-Minute Friday: Disconnect

This weekend am heading to a neighbouring island to my city with a bunch of friends. Agenda: Eat, drink, and Disconnect.

We’ve all made a pact: to tacky totally stay offline, no updates on our Facebook, no tweets, no emails, no phones, no internet surfing, no Skype. For a bunch who live literally on our Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Google, phones, it’s liken to a drug rehab. Lol….

Disconnect from our usual lives. In order to connect with the Lover of my heart. Disconnect from the myriad of voices. To clear my ears that I may hear Him clearly whispering His love, assurances, instructions & illuminations to me.

Needing it, as the world’s speeding up, sometimes seemingly spinning out of control.

Offline. Switch off. Signing off. Over & out. – Me-FM

Plugged in. Tuning in. Logging on. Sensitising. Syncing to Your heartbeat. Confide Your heart to me, Abba.



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