Just Happy


Came across this quote by Paulo Coelho & especially the first statement, which just resonates much with me.

Think there is much to learn for me, as an adult, when I interact with kids. Sometimes I ask them an adult question, “What makes you happy?” Or maybe “Why are you happy?” Some of the kids just stares at me & had this look of confusion. Or some just answers me straight up, “Dunno. I’m just happy.”

It’s actually a lot of freedom in that really. To be able to just be happy. Period. No reasons. Just smile. Of course, I don’t mean the type where we’re delusional or need psychiatric assistance… Truth be told, I sometimes envy those who are “in their own happy world”, because there is such freedom.

There are things & people that makes me smile. Some more, some less. But nonetheless, makes me happy. I realise that being contented with little things makes me more joyful. Easily contented if you insist.

Simple joys in life. Working towards just being happy & joyful. No reasons. God made us to be happy folks. ↖(^ω^)↗


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