Metamorphosis: Within the Cocoon

Recent spate of events over the last 6 months has truly tried my ability to keep my chin up. Hell, it was definitely hard. Now that I look back, painful as it is, I can actually laugh about it, cos I’ve made it through, at least the worst parts. It’s kind of the tail-end, well… at least for “that” issue.

Interesting today that as I cycled around my neighbourhood for yet another cache, a discovery of a space just at the junction of 2 key roads in my area. Incidentally, it is not a spot where many of my neighbours would hang around. It was an area better known to foreign friends involved in jobs of the more strenuous kind. This is also where the boundaries of the industrial area begins.

Yet this spot at the traffic lights, at sunset, had me stopped in my tracks, literally. There seems to be a meeting of the winds circulating beautifully. And the space where one could stand & have private space to think, just by standing at the side of an uber-wide pathway. One can spend time standing by the storm canal, pondering over the waters. To top it off, it is probably the best spot to take a photo of the local sunset – a breath-taking array of orange & blue hues.

I would have just laid a picnic mat, complete with beer, cheese & biscuits, just at a corner of the path. Just to enjoy the magnificent sunset.


In any case, there was a drawing from Abba, to just stop there. Cos He wasn’t done with our conversation yet. There was more He wanted to let me know. And so, I just stopped. Enjoyed the breeze, waiting for Him to continue.

Abba: Yeap.. I was at the part about cherishing right?

Me: Mmhmm…

Abba: As I put it earlier, the way you are treated is not the way I originally meant it to be. He got lost along the way, made some choices, which made him totally unsuitable for loving you.

Me: Mmhmm…

Abba: And the pain, it’s subsided pretty much, right?

Me: Intensity, much less. Ache will be gone soon?

Abba: Hmm… ache will still be there, Dear. It will subside as new memories are made for the various things tagged to him. But it will take a while. A process I’ll bring you through. Savour it, learn it well. You’ll speak with a lot more weight under your belt to hurting peeps.

Me: Hmm… I’ll get there. But yeah.. wouldn’t wanna miss the lessons & insights. Not after all the pain!

And there was our conversation, while the wind caressed my hair, teasing my fringe with the setting sun. The breeze seems to have placed me in a trance, that I didn’t realise I had already been standing there for 15 minutes. Curious eyes stole glances at this out-of-place lady standing at the corner. Perhaps it was my tears which glistened in the sun. Perhaps it was the smile I had while I looked afar, towards the painted skies.

Nonetheless, Abba said, “Come away with Me & listen…” And so this is my response to my loving Dad: stop, stay & listen.

Metamorphosis. Cocoon specially prepared for yours truly. Transformation @ warp speed.


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