Metamorphosis: Into the Sun


The Sun: vitamin D, endorphins, chlorophyll for plants, Oxygen produced by plants for us (photosynthesis), growth of flora & fauna…

I used to think am not an outdoorsy person. In the bid to recover, have started to get active: walking, then hiking, then vertical marathon, then geocaching, then now bike-geocaching. Amature mountain-climb in the pipeline. Probably hard-core hiking as well… lol..

Just the other day, I realise it’s uber therapeutic just being out there, especially in the sun. I actually won’t miss a sunny day & just “seek shelter”. I’ve become somewhat of a sunflower, seeking where the sun shines brightest.

The sun dots in photos really intrigue me. They appear very much when camera is tilted at a certain angle to the sun. The rays are kinda invisible, but packed with much goodness. The benefits of the sun is well-known, including keeping our spirits up, maintaining the positive vibes within us. This is one of the reasons why sun-spa is available in the Nordic regions, especially popular during the winter months.

As the Creator of the sun, He has promised never to leave us nor forsake us. Can’t see Him physically? I know He is consistently with us, cos He’s never gone back on His Word. Guess all we need to do to recognise Him is to just “tilt” our eyes a little? 😉

Psalm 121:3
He will not let your foot slip–
he who watches over you will not slumber;
� NIV1984


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