Sunday Post: Movies

Movies’ my thing lol… Enjoy hanging-out with friends over any motion picture or animation. Key genres: Fantasy, adventure, philosophical. Foreign language movies intrigue me as well, as they grant me eyes to another perspective of life, through the lenses of another culture.

Movie Title: Blood Diamond
Director: Edward Zwick
Actors: Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Conelly, Djimom Hounsou


Personally, have always had this fire within me when it comes to injustices in this world. Especially when it pertains to children being robbed of their innocence & childhood, which they’re meant to be entitled to be born into.

Been aware of child soldiers in Africa, heard about them in news sporadically. However, having to face the issue for a full 2 hours is another thing altogether. Especially when the producers spare no details from abduction of the kids, to the introuction to their “new family”, to the orientation to the life of militancy. Most jarring part of all, the initiation into the death of the child’s humanity: having to shoot at “something”, blind-folded. After which, the child is introduced to the “thing” which he has shot: a prisoner-of-war, a fellow human being. The child is sent into a whirlwind of confusion. The battle between morality, humanity & survival. The introduction of the concept of hatred intensifies the psychological initiation.

The child is thrusted into the adult world of contradictions, hatred & blind convictions. They’re forever changed. Even if they survive & are rescued, rehabilitation will not return them to the original innocence. Their memories are forever tainted with guilt, bloodshed, confusion of their identity & values.

This is the reason why I don’t enjoy to receive diamonds as part of any gifts I am presented with. These precious stones represent blood that has been shed, families forcefully separated, childhoods violently destroyed.

I am aware there are fighters of freedom for this cause. I truly respect their sacrifice, dedication & tenacity. I will fight for the restoration of displaced kids & women. We all hold to this dream that one day, children do not have to face fear, hurt & pain, unnecessarily.





7 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Movies

  1. Very powerful post! Children often become the pawns and are the ones who suffer most. Thank you for sharing this movie…I had seen it years ago…and understand exactly what you are saying about receiving diamonds as a gift.

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  3. This is a film that is sitting on my shelf to watch. It is set in what is now Namibia and tells the story of the diamonds mined in this part of the world. DiCaprio is one of my favourite actors and I have heard that he does justice to this story.

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