5-Minute Friday: Path


Path: either marked out by machines, or simply by repeated habit of walking over the same route over & over.

Just like the path which was marked out by the neighbourhood, across a grass patch, right beside a well-made cemented pathway just right beside that route. The only reason for the “new” footpath is because it is shorter than the “official” path. Recently, grass has been “regrown” over the well-worn footpath, and a bush has been reintroduced to block the created route. A deterrent for the unorthordox path, strong encouragement to take the “official” one.

I noticed of late that the warrior within me has risen again. A few occasions where obstacles seems to be introduced to the path I’m on, I realised there is a resolve within me to fight back & not give up immediately. The warrior princess within me would look at the obstacle straight in the face: either it would encounter a slash from my sword, or I would work out a way around it. Sometimes encountering “immovable / unzappable” rocks, it is wiser to just work around it.

Am glad, the fighter within me is no longer terrified / defeated. I will protect, fiercely, if it’s required, people whom I love & Godly values which I hold dear to my heart.

A path, I will mark out, with His strength & wisdom.



5 thoughts on “5-Minute Friday: Path

  1. Why, oh why do officials not take note of the way people wish to take and not make the unofficial path official? Surely the users are much more suited t ojudge which way will suit their needs?

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