Courage to Let Love In


“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey

This was 1st introduced to me in this hilarious Korean drama series “我叫金三顺” (My Name is Kim Sam Soon), where a patisserie chef is ditched cruelly by her playboy boyfriend. This was something that inspired her to not be afraid to let new love in.

In some sense, she’s a dreamer like me. I still believe in love & commitment. I am getting happier, when I hear about weddings, babies these days. But when the question came to whether or not I would give love another go, a silent but definite shudder runs up my spine. Lol… Guess I still need time eh…

In the crux of it, Purkey puts it so well:

Love like you’ll never be hurt.

Impossible really. Cos the fact is that along with all the sweet, loving & passionate vibes, comes the expectations, the significance of the other, and the all-familiar dance of negotiation between 2 completely different souls.

Zero expectations I realise is not entirely healthy. Managed expectations is the way to go. Cos without expectations, the relationship becomes boring & lop-sided. With one party always giving, the other receiving. Unhealthy. It needs to be a 2-way thing, managed & not coerced.

Yet, the expectations will need to be based on values, instead of expressions. Ie. The fact that we love each other is expressed according to the frequency & methodology we individually deemed fit for the other. Yet, it has to be balanced with consideration of the other party.

I guess, I know I can commit to the “dance” again & give my bestest shot @ making things work, but am afraid of the bad aftermath, should things not work out. That is a risk, I guess, any of us will need to take, in not just love, but anything that involves another human being.

So… jouney is @ a stage of overcoming the fear of the unknown. Found my prayer being: just straightforward, Lord. Live, love & serve You. No more complex processing. Straight-up & move forward. That’s all I ask.

Enough of extended conversations. Think have enough thinking through to last for awhile eh? 😀


2 thoughts on “Courage to Let Love In

  1. Love is a dangerous business. God first love us with no guarantee that his people will love Him in return yet He still love us.

    I find it hard to love halfheartedly if all my mind and heart are this particular person but if I know that thing will not work out. I will not pursue and move on.

    Love is dangerous cos we will not know what is the outcome after our giving. But the love you show to Him and people you love will not be in vain though not all will reciprocrate.

    Jia You!!!

    • Yeah Dee, thx for reminder. True. I find it hard to love 50%. Which is y it hurts bad. But no 2 ways of loving really. All or nothing… just as He has shown us.. 😀

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