5-Minute Friday: Zero-Expectations


Something that I have pondered about, thought I got an answer, then later life seems to prove me wrong. And am back to searching again.

After much searching about expectations – life experiences, people, relationships, work, investments, etc. – I sorta came to a conclusion:

Expect reasonably of myself – balanced excellence.
Expect nothing of others – pleasantly surprised & grateful approach to others.
Expect from God with open hands – divine empowerment, inspiration & strength for a better day.

Served me well so far. And I also increasingly realise that it helps in my relationships: keeps me in check of my expectations of others. Not stifling nor nonchalant. I also realise it helps me not get overly disappointed when mistakes are made / promises not kept. For more intimate relationships, think I might need to do a bit of adjustments, as I found it easier to manage by having minimal expectations. However, easier to manage doesn’t mean it’s right. Having low expectations in the more intimate relationships can also mean that the texture is affected. Am learning. Eventually, the Almighty will be clear.

In relating with myself, I have learnt to cut myself some slack, where the issue is not critical. I guess it helps in keeping my self-talk positive & managed. Responsibilities is taken up with caution, especially pertaining to family, as still trying to find the fine balance of not going through guilt-trips when obligations are not met. The eldest-child syndrome. It’s improved over the years, but I guess this is a lifelong lesson.

With the Almighty, I know as I walk with Him, the only expectation for me is to grow in love with Him. As I grow in the knowledge & experience of love from Him, I am inspired to love Him back. In essence, His love for me gives me reason & strength to do what’s
right. Learning journey really. Lol…


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