Tumbling & Bouncing Back


Having a bit of time while I wait for a flight to a nearby city for business, and of course, catch up with a few friends there. Definitely, add to my “Found” another Geocache, 1st in this country.

Happened during the tail-end of the weekend of crazy cycle-caching & vert-marathoning. My usually keen senses probably decided to take a break without informing me. While negotiating a steep slope, lost balance & bike + yours truly took a tumble. Thank God that I didn’t use my front brakes nor did I roll forward – would have either flew / rolled @ high speed into a storm canal…

Right after the fall, 1st thing I checked was my bike – interesting how possession is more important than my injuries at that point. Lol… As I checked myself, noticed that I had grazed my knee & elbow. Didn’t think too much about it initially as it was not exactly bleeding.

Well… with the pain my knee, decided to still ride as far as I could manage. Did manage to ride up to around 4km from my home. Checked the time & have been riding for a good 1.5 hours by now. And I felt wobbly, succumbed to taking a cab with my bike. Lol…

But I also noticed this truth that I keep hearing: What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

True. Might I add, WISER, as well.

I reckon if I don’t learn from my tumble, learn how to manouver slopes or actually, to find an alternative route in future, I will probably keep tumbling. In the midst of the wound drying up, stinging everytime antiseptic spray interacts with the raw skin, the pain reminds me of the tumble, but more so, the lessons, as well as the stronger resolve against the fear sometimes creeping up when cycling.

I still want to explore the world, to tone my calves, to feel the wind in my hair.

It’s the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance. -Bette Midler


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