Exercise: Addictive?!

Cycling was added to my (seemingly) growing list of activities to keep me engaged & focused. Started… well.. last weekend with some who are crazy enough to cycle, return trip, from midtown to the East, then back to town. I think, we cycled a full-marathon (42km) that day. Lol… At the end of it, I thought I’d lost my bum, cos it went from painful to numb to feeling-less.

This weekend started out with a cool hanging-out with a bunch of friends, discussing about life & the Almighty. Maybe excitement from the discussion of the upcoming cooking competition, I was up till 4.30am!! Well… listening to K-Love (www.klove.com), planning for a few more caches to hunt for on Saturday, and… playing Diablo 3. ^_^||

The morning found me planning further over the cache hunt. Lunch & off I went, to my cycle-caching expedition. Thoroughly enjoyed myself that I didn’t realise I had spent 8 hours outdoor!

Came home and was reminded by a mate about a vertical marathon which is happening early the next morning … The catch is: I thought it was next weekend. Which is why I had cycled with abandon that day, as I thought the marathon was next week!

Oh well… got up before the sun rose & climbed a non-eventful 40-stories to get a medal. Kinda missed the exhilaration that I had last year at the 63rd storey. Maybe part of the second-experience boredom perhaps.

Went home & while surfing around, ot inspired to get out into the sun again. Cycle-caching!

I did think about whether I might be over-exerting myself… lol. But I certainly enjoyed every bit of the ride, especially in discovering a path less travelled.

A mate shared exercise can be addictive. I think probably the endorphins produced perhaps is more addictive. Ahem… the spiritual answer will be the inspirations & conversations that goes back & forth throughout the journey, with the wind carressing my cheeks. My addiction: conversations with the Almighty.

Being a relatively focused person who “suffers” from the wholeheartedness-syndrome, I would need to be wise with my “obsessions”. As I thought about switching my focus elsewhere to heal, I concluded that the Abba is a safe bet to be “obssessively-focused” upon.

Phi 4:8 (NIV)
8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.

There is a new mind, new set of boundaries, and a new set of imagination. I will allow my imagination to be filled by the Almighty whom I am in love with!



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