5-Minute Friday: See

Feels like a glimpse of an eye, and we’re on yet another Friday! 2012 has officially embarked on its 2nd day of the 2nd 50% of the year! Time has zoomed past over the last 6 months. Honestly, 6 months ago, it felt like time stood still, and slowly it became a mighty strenuous leopard crawl on all fours, to walking with a limp & sometimes,falling flat, and then I started walking more steadily. Now… it feels like I’m on a consistent trot, with speed gradually but consistently increasing.

Seeing, according to my interpretation this round, is not just the physical ability to see physical things around us, but it also entails the ability to see beyond the moment. Imagination.


noun \i-ˌma-jə-ˈnā-shən\:
the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality, creative ability.


Just sighted today on one of my geocaching runs, the tree has meandered its roots around the large boulder. Not that it doesn’t have roots in the soil, that is much needed as well. However, the rock definitely provides a massively strong stabilising factor, especially during the recent thunderstorms in our vicinity. The tree, has remained rooted, firmly.

I found hope in life ahead being critical to surviving any crisis. Of course, not empty hope, or reckless hoping without the Almighty. With Him, I have found the courage to hope again, to dare to imagine that the best is yet to come. To desire for a family of my own. To desire for a man after Your heart, to be stirred to cherish me for the rest of our time on this side of Heaven. I found courage to imagine myself being able to speak words to encourage, to walk through with the abandoned, to hold the hands of the down-trodden. It was this hope, that kept my sights on Him, and knowing for a fact that I WILL walk out of this, STRONGER than before.

Because He is the Rock that higher than I. My Strong Tower. My refuge. My Protector who never slumbers.

I have stopped seeing dead ends. Instead, I see restoration. I have ceased having doubts of my worth as a woman – I am well-loved, and definitely cherished by the Almighty. This is the “cherish”-fest that He is lavishing on me these recent weeks – little touches of love, with His fingerprints all over, to remind me, over and over and over and over again, that He cherishes me. That, will, eventually become more than enough for me. I can now see the possibilities, the opportunities, the concreteness of walking in an unmarked path with my Abba. Because He is altogether good, and He has always, has recently, and will continue to be right with me.

In fact, I can see myself, being an effective single, glowing and loving woman, who will continue to expand in the Esther mantle prophesied over me 15 years ago in Perth, Australia. In fact, the crisis has afforded me much more opportunities to explore what I wouldn’t have taken time to explore probably, once I settled into a routine. It has jolted me, in some sense, out of a slumber, into much action – geocaching, cycling, vertical marathon, cooking competition, hanging out with friends over meals, soaking in His presence, exploring possibilities of opening a provision shop, and eventually seeing the dream of running my own rest-inn.

My line of sight has widened, massively, to the possibilities that are available to the cherished woman of the Almighty. There will eventually be a destination, am gonna ensure I enjoy the ride too. The journey has just begun, for the next chapter, as the previous chapter is in the midst of being permanently closed.

Interestingly, I am no longer cringing or feeling sad that the previous chapter is going to “permanently close”. In fact, I am looking forward to closing it permanently, and of course, with clarity & forgiveness on my part. That I may fully embrace the days ahead, without having an aching tug on my heart.

I imagine:

  • More hearty laughter with friends
  • Embracing life’s moments with gusto
  • Celebrating love, life and marriage with friends, regardless of my own status
  • Deepening in my walk with the Almighty, that I can face storms with joyful assurance
  • Inspiring others to keep faithful, because He is more than enough & altogether good.
  • Moving around various countries to inspire, encourage and love people to loving Him more.
  • Serving and laughing with him again, as brother and sister, as good partners in the Kingdom. Yes… I hear You, Abba.


2 thoughts on “5-Minute Friday: See

    • Thanks heaps Cathy! =) Didn’t notice your comments till I fiddled around with my comments section. Should take off the “approval needed” function. lol.. Keep blogging & sharing!

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