Journey to the Destination

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” – Henry David Thoreau


Interesting that this activity that caught my eye close to 2 years ago finally got me going just in the past 2 weeks. It was just a decision to take on the Nike attitude: Just do it.

Started with searching for a cache 3 train-stops from my place. And followed by 3 more with a couple of friends the next day. That was all it needed to get me going to try out some higher level attempts.

Am on 7th cache now – solved the puzzle but a little messed up on the coordinates and waiting for some advice from the cache-owner. But boy… did my mind go tunnel-vision on the puzzle! And it felt real gooood to finally solve it all by myself! Felt some sense of accomplishment.

I realise I love discovering new places. I actually travel many a times, if am on my own, or with adventurous friends, without a plan. Or at least not planning the whole journey – always leaving something open. Perhaps to me, it was the way I’ve always responded to the Almighty – my heart will never close the door to anything He wants to show me. Well.. at least not for too long. I might get cynical, go on a rage against the state of my being, blaming everything I can lay my brains on, etc. But… I always end up re-opening my heart again, to Him. Think that has been the reason why I’ve managed to go so long, even when there were many questions which were left unanwered, injustices which I don’t understand.

In the paths I’ve taken to each set of coordinates of the urban treasure chests, I’m starting to discover myself. And also re-discover myself. Some passions which have been buried deep by the tsunami of pain is now being uncovered as I went on my journeys. Abba speaks life, by bringing my eyes to the little things along the path.

As always, the discovery is sweet. However, for me, it has always been the process which has intrigued me more. The discoveries, the insights, the perspectives offered by the angles I am led to look at things. I am looking, for inspirations and insights along the journeys, where the destination is not as important as the journey getting there.




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