Legalized Vandalism!


A pretty cool sight which a friend posted in Melbourne, Australia. Kids are graffit-ing on the ground using chalk. And it’s totally allowed! 🙂

Am embarking on a new territory of learning about how kids learn, and how to pack complex lessons into simple nuggets of Truth for them to absorb & recall easily.

There’s this freedom about kids which we’ve totally forgotten as grown-ups. The freedom to dream, to imagine, to savour the last bit of ice-cream leftover on the left side of our faces as we slobbered down the rest earlier. The freedom to stick out our tongues when we make a boo-boo, and have adults laugh with us and eventually teach us to do things the right way, gently & firmly.

As kids, the world is limitless. We’ve got so much to explore – something crawling across the floor stirs curiosity in us to touch, to poke, to pick it up…. and yes, probably put it in our mouths for the final sensory adventure. 

After a few rounds, I realise the only antidote for cynicism: childlikeness. Cos it’s only with curiosity comes the desire to seek answers, which in turn gives me new experiences to top up the current. And yes, one doesn’t forget the acidity of the hurt, it just gets lulled into deep slumber with the lullaby of time. So hopefully, mine will sleep soon…

Childlikeness. Seeking it again. After yet another intense cynicism journey.


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