Yeah… something struck a chord in me when I listened to Susan Cain share about introverts and how to allow them to maximise their potential and talents.

I work with many introverts, thinkers, nerds, “the boring” people, whatever we may tag them with, they are books worthy of reading and re-reading. Personally as an introvert, I’ve learnt that I am an acquired taste. I don’t appeal to a person on 1st impression, but after the 2nd – 3rd impression. Especially more so should they desire to talk “life” with me.

That’s my contribution to the world: insights through experiences and observations of patterns. I think eventually, I will perhaps put it in my bucket list to write a book. Unsure what it will be. Not famous enough to write a biography for sure. Maybe, a topic on waiting on the Almighty, or something along the lines of “Bouncing Back When You Hit the Floor”, or “The Average Single Woman’s Take on Life”.

Whatever it is, I am glad to find solitude fruitful again, where mind-share is not taken up by the man-who-walked-away. But it’s starting to be taken over by plans, dreams, and future stuff in life. Passion is slowly, cautiously, but steadily building up once again in my soul.

This passion for life. Which was inundated with pain, a few months ago. It is fast making a come-back. Sit up World, hear me roar!


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