D. V.

(Chewed on this for 72 hours, sought depth into the thoughts, before finally deciding am inspired enough to write this… 1st blog ever in my existence to actually have an outline before fleshing out the content.. lol… omg… the scribe in me…)

D.V.: Deo Volente

Latin: God being willing

First known use: 1763 (www.m-w.com)

Something which caught my eye while I was reading a short inspiration written by a fellow journeyman. This abbreviation is actually used in letters in the earlier years – probably a little after the Medieval years, as a sign-off. Pretty much like our “Godspeed”, or “Warmest Regards”. However, as I read into the phrase, although it may have become a cliche after popular use, I realise that the convicted use it very deliberately.

It is their way of reminding themselves, of the fact that they are submitting themselves to the “willingness” of God in their journey in life. Kinda reminded of my friends from the Middle East who’ll say to me “Insh’Allah”, which literally means the same thing. Of course, the character of the Divine Person whose “willingness” under which we subject ourselves can be different.

  • Will (verb): desire, wish, choice, determination.
  • Will (noun): disposition, inclination, passion, appetite, choice, determination, act of the will (volition).
  • Willing (adjective): inclined towards, favourably disposed to act, do something, borne or accepted by choice without reluctance.
In my understanding of “willingness” of one to do something for another, it is based often on the convictions of the person. Convictions are based on the worldview & character of the person “being willing”.
Worldview / Character => Convictions => Willingness

Actually while I was reading this short snippet about Deo Volente – God willing, I was wandering on the other side of the spectrum that day. Just in case you are wondering, I was fringing on the darker side. Actually, more like both feet in the dark. That side of the coin told me that I was enslaved by this Divine Deity who is inclined to making my life quite tough & difficult. Looking back at my life, anyone would probably not deny that – I do have my fair share of heartaches & near-misses.

Definition of the Divine Deity: character belongs to someone who derives satisfaction from making my life difficult, so that I can be thrown into bulks of weakness to then depend on Him to rescue me. Ah.. then all glory goes to Him. Fringing on being irreverent now, ain’t I?

Before I get stoned, let me swing the pendulum back, so that I start towards the equilibrium.

My journey that seems to have been mapped out so far, has been having me swing to 2 extremes of any process, experiencing for myself both the heightened joys, as well as the most debilitating (to impair the strength of) heartaches. The journey of a melancholic I guess, and that of a melancholic scribe for that matter.

Perhaps it is because I journal down my “extended conversations” with the Almighty, that lessons get more ingrained into my soul, that I tend to regurgitate what’s been swallowed, to re-chew and re-taste the Truth-nuggets. That is me, in re-living the moment(s), perhaps for the 10th time after 5 years. Power of the precision of the scribe.

From eons past, unsure when exactly, I have started to become meticulous at journalling whatever thoughts race through my mind – especially conversations or inspiration I have received from the Divine Voice. Perhaps it’s due to one incident, which I still remember, occurred in Perth, Australia. I was actually in conversation with the Triune, and I had an inspiration about some aspects of life I was ruminating about. Soon after I boarded the bus, my mind switched to another channel. When I tried to recall the inspiration I knew was from the Triune, I panicked. I was so needing that inspiration. Frantically, I tried scouring through some scribbles on the note-paper I had kept instead of chucking away. Nothing of the inspiration that materialised in my mind, just about 10 minutes ago. And I knew it was kind of once-in-a-lifetime inspiration kinda thing .

I literally cajouled the Almighty for the inspiration lost somewhere between the divine minute, and the frantic 1-minute. To no avail. I still had a blank spot in my memory bank that day.

I decided to let it go to the Almighty and at the back of my mind, I was still trying to locate that missing jigsaw piece. When I finally gave up, the thought just magically appeared again. This round, I was taking no chances. I took out my notebook, steadied myself in the moving bus, and started scribbling down, literally, every word & picture that has been painted in my mind’s eyes. Hallelu-jah indeed!

Here, I know that Almighty is willing to help me remember. He is more than willing, after mucking around with me a little, to connect the dots to ensure I can see the entire picture He was painting with me.

The Abba I know is not just Abba in responsibility & pulls a long face when we forget things. He is also not just Yahweh in talk only, because He acts on our behalf, over the things which are not within our reach. Most of all, He is the Divine One who agapes each of us – no matter how many boo-boos we have made in life, or how fresh the last “I-am-such-a-disappointment” has been.

He just loves us. Period.

  • Looks at us without ill feelings.
  • Puts people / situations in our paths to make our days better.
  • Listens to my thousandth time – ranting the same angry words at His seeming failure to provide for me.
  • Rallies His angels (visible / invisible) to bring me food, shelter, counsel, or sometimes just MoP (Ministry of Presence).
  • Completely wipes our slate clean & will not stir up the path that we can’t recover.
  • Grants us super-natural strength & courage, when life has been knocked out of us, literally.
With His character as such, I am learning to trust in His character & especially, His consistency so far.
When you can’t see God’s hand,
Trust in His heart.

Apt. Massively apt.

That’s my Divine Deity – every part loving, favouring & continually paving our lives, wanting the bestest He has to offer us on this side of Heaven. And He is more than willingly will-ing His strength, power, and understanding for those who are seeking after it.

It is getting easier, to be convicted of deo volente, That He is willing to answer me – according to His specifications, based on His omniscient mind, omnipresent aura, and omnipotent abilities.

I need to be reminded. That the Almighty only have good thoughts for me, because He never wills anything evil or detrimental over us. He wants to give His bestest, for the one daughter whom He is biased towards, and doting with much favourable unfair advantage of the Divine.

In that, Deo Volente makes a lot of sense – that I can follow, and be under the authority of, with true letting go, to the One who wants nothing but good stuff in this life for me. In that Deo Volente, I will request, but I willingly let the Divine One decide how He is willing to answer me. Insha Abram’s Allah…

Article of Interest: Embedded. (http://www.incourage.me/2012/02/embedded.html)


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