Renewed Vocabulary

Today marked joy & seemingly returning to my stronger days @ work. Not that it was an entirely smooth day, but there was an indescribable lightness of heart, hearty laughter & enjoyment of hanging around with my colleagues. They’re really nice peeps btw. It’s just that I was trying really hard to “act” normal & strong. To not tear or breakdown at my desk shared with 2 others. Acting is really hard for me. Cos I’ve always worn my heart on my face.

My appreciation for good food & appetite is returning. I just am watching myself cos I didn’t want to “lose” (or rather gain back) the blessing in disguise through the saga.

I have visibly lost weight – to the extent that my colleagues asked if I went through a slimming package. Lol.. I did & boy was it effective. I wanted to sheepishly share with them: Of course! Try going through a package deal of abandonement & heartbreak! It’s a nice parting gift he gave me – 7kgs in 3 mths! lol…

Actually, the next time someone comments on my weight loss, I will do the sheepish thing. But of course, when I am able to laugh about it – which… I think I am starting to actually see the light @ the end of the tunnel.

I was musing to myself the other day if I would stop blogging cos I am nearly done in my recovery. But I hear the Divine Voice nudging me to discover new vocabulary to describe the beauty of life. Cos there is the other depth which I have not tasked myself to write about.

And yeah… He has a point there. I am needing to learn, a new set of words & descriptives to paint the colours of the good stuff in life, to celebrate adequately the other side of life. As intensely as I have felt sorrow & pain, I will now learn to intensely enjoy & faithfully sing of the stuff that I will find under the rainbow following the rains.

Joel 2:25 AMP
And I will restore or replace for you the years that the locust has eaten….



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